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  • gives you a guarantee that it will not transmit and distribute any data to third parties and/or various online casinos without prior authorisation from you.
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  • Please also note that offers many different links to websites and none of the websites offered is covered by this Privacy Policy. Therefore, you should familiarise yourself in detail with the Privacy Policy of the site you have visited before interacting with it.

Cookies Policy reserves the right to decide whether or not to send cookies to and from your computer. A cookie is a completely secure text file that is automatically downloaded to your computer. Our cookies collect customer information and share it with us so that we can analyse your preferences to be able to provide a better service. You should take into account the fact that any site, you visit from can send you its cookies. collects cookies for several reasons:

  • Cookies help us to obtain information not so much for personal purposes as for statistics. The cookies that uses help us to understand how much time you spend on our site, which pages you like to be on most, and which advertisements get the most clicks from you.
  • The cookies used by help us to estimate the number of visitors to the website and the total number of visitors online.
  • These files provide management with detailed statistics on player behaviour and preferences, which in turn allows to adapt its services and be able to provide users with a better online gaming experience.
  • Those websites that recommends may be looking to transfer cookies to your computer or mobile phone. Please check their terms of service and terms of use for cookies.
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